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Welcome in our small world. we're Werner & Christel Stamm. We live in Kalbach a small town in the near of Frankfurt am Main, in the centre of Germany.

Werner does Minature Schnauzer since. 1987, together with his mother Christa Stamm. They got the Kennel Von Den Brunnengärten. They breed and show with great succes the Black and the Black & Silver Miniature Schnauzer. Before they breed and show very succesfully for many years Saint Bernards. 

Christel heart was stolen by the Black Giant Schnauzer, Black and the Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzer. Witch she very succesfully shows and breeds under the Kennel FCI

" of Taita's Ushabti ".

Together we breed and show very succesfully White Miniature Schnauzers for several years.... 

In the mean time we both loved very much the Sealyham Terrier, so we're also the proud owner of a few beautifull, Sealyham Terriers.

Since december 2001, we combined our love for eachother..... with our love and passion for the Miniature Schnauzers.

Thankyou for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy it...


Legend of the name " of Taita's Ushabti "

The name Taita features in a trilogy of books by the renowned author Wilbur Smith.
As a many-talented slave-servant Taita appears to be of incalculable value to his Egyptian master.
When a beloved friend falls in battle to the sword of a much better-armed opponent, Taita carves a miniature statuette of his own likeness; which he places in the tomb of the mummified body of his comrade, so he can further serve him in the after-life. On this ushabti he inscribes: " My name is Taita. I am a physician and a poet. I am an architect and a philosopher.
I am your friend. I will answer for you." Meaning he will even defend his master's friend in the netherworld before the judges, when his deeds of life are evaluated; with eternal doom or glorious rebirth awaiting.
Schnauzers are equally and utterly fearless and prepared to defend their master come what may; even more, they are witty and esourceful.
Taita was therefore the name chosen for the female Giant Schnauzer whose blood now runs through our pedigree. And a Miniature schnauzer is in fact nothing more than any other Schnauzer, only in a smaller package; and certainly nothing less...
Knowing this you will understand that we dare claim our Schnauzers to be "of Taita's Ushabti": they possess the same cunning and temerity.

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