CH. Step Forward Res Publica 

                                          ...our Zoomie Girl 

For Friends now as PEACHES

owned by Anja Jedich co-owned by us 

Born 28.09.2018

PLL CLEAR with Certificate

DNA Profile

German Breeding Liscense

TC / Test Character - France -

TAN / Naterel Working Ability Test - France -



Inter Champion


Show Champion Switzerland* 

Champion of Austria*

Champion of Germany KfT*



Junior Champion of Luxembourg *

Junior Champion of Croatia *

Junior Champion of Belgium

Junior Champion of Germany VDH

Junior Champion of Germany KFT


Belgian Top Terrier 2022*

Jubilaums Klubsieger Austria 2020 *

Bundessieger Austria 2020 *


Benelux Junior Winner Luxembourg 2019

 Junior Club Winner ( Croatia ) *

 Junior Winner Zagreb *

Alpen Jugendsieger Germany 2019 *

Belgian Junior Winner *


Crufts Qualification 2021 - 2022

    Stimul Iz Alenushkinoy Skazki
  Zakhariy Royal Fun   
    Seventy seven Znatnaya Osoba
Step Forward Res Publica     
    Stimul Iz Alenushkinoy
  Step Forward Mairead   
    Step Forward Vista 
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