CH. Step Forward Prima Spes 

                                                 ...our Princess

for friends know as PRIMA

Born 07.02.2018

PLL CLEAR with Certificate 

DNA Profile 

German Breeding Liscense

TC / Character Test - France -

TAN / Natural Working Ability Test - France -



Inter Champion

Show Champion of Switzerland *

Champion of Croatia *

Champion of Germany VDH

Champion of Germany KFT

Champion of France *

Champion of Netherlands*

Champion of Belgium


Baltic Junior Champion *

Alpen Junior Champion

Junior Champion of Germany VDH

Junior Champion of Germany KFT*

Junior Champion of Belgium

Junior Champion of Netherlands *

Junior Champion of Luxemboutg*

Junior Champion of Austria *

Junior Champion of Switzerland *

Junior Champion of Latvia *

Junior Champion of Estonia *

Junior Champion of Lithuania *


Bundessieger Austria 2021

Klub Sieger 2021*

German Winner 2021*

Latin Winner 2019 *

Annual Trophy Winner 2019 *

Alpen Sieger Switzerland 2019 *

Zagreb Winner *

Eurocup Winner 2021*


Austrian Junior Winner *

Europa Jugendsieger VDH 2019 *

Klub Jugendsieger KfT 2019 *

Bundes Jugendsieger 2018 *

Alpen Jugendsieger Germany 2018 *

Alpen Jugendsieger Austria 2019 *



Crufts Qualification 2019-2020-2022

    Thunder RD's Fortunate Son
  Avalonis White Whale  
    Thunder RD's White Rabbit
Step Forward Prima Spes    
    Dillon of Mistywaters 
  Step Forward Keysy  

Shkola Upseha ot Pimenoff

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