CH. Dudwell Devil Dempsey Deluxe

                                             ... our Dream Boy

for friends know has SWIFFER

Born 10.02.2015

PLL CLEAR with Certificate

DNA Profile

German Breeding Certificate

co-owner Michael Weser


Champion of Germany VDH

Champion of Germany KFT


Alpen Sieger 2017 -D-

Benelux Winner 2017 -NL-


Alpen Junior Champion

Junior Champion of Germany KFT

Junior Champion of Luxembourg

Junior Champion of Belgium

Junior Champion of Germany VDH

Junior Champion of Netherland


Klubjugendsieger KFT 2016

Alpen Jugendsieger 2016 -S-

Europa Jugendsieger 2016

Alpen Jugendsieger 2016 -D-

Benelux Junior Winner 2015 -B-

Amsterdam Junior Winner 2015


Crufts qualification 2016 - 2017 - 2018

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Dudwell Devil Dempsey Deluxe

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